The SCOTUS ruling on Roe left us shocked, devastated, and frightened, but mostly it really pissed us off. We've decided we're going to stay mad, and get busy.

Welcome to our abortion access shop! Here is an offering of goodies with a flavor for every kind of abortion rights hero, the cheekier the better. 80% of proceeds from any purchases made here will go DIRECTLY to funding abortions in New York State, through your choice of two organizations: The Brigid Alliance provides cost of travel, childcare, and more for out-of-state people who need abortion care. The New York Abortion Access Fund pays for abortions for those who cannot afford it.

Last we checked, it's still legal to sling sassy tote bags to pay for reproductive healthcare in New York State. Get while the getting's still good.

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New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF)

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The Brigid Alliance